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We are a renowned wine-growing and trading company in Gols, near the eastern shore of Lake Neusiedl. Our family business is run by the brothers Christian and Raimund Burda.

According to our self-imposed, as well as audited and confirmed quality guidelines, we produce under the motto "Quality First" and our ever-growing fan base will reward us for that.

Our winery is located in the Burgenland midst of the largest wine region in Austria. The mild Pannonian climate of Lake Neusiedl gives us a domain for red wines and white wines and sweet wines with international recognition. Our family refined the quality of the wines year after year. For over 50 years we turn every vintage into the best wine.

We combine the traditional craft of wine pressing with the latest winemaking technology and the latest findings of a gentle and natural structure.

A balanced mix of experience and youthful energy causes a constant improvement of our products and makes the success of our wines.

Burda-Weine Because pleasure also needs space….
Taste our quality range in suitable environment and let yourself be convinced by our wines.

The right format for every occasion….
All our wines are available from the house by bottle, a beautiful gift box or in the practical

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Please note that these opening times are not valid in the case of a company holiday.

We offer you space and luxury. Just take some time.

Burda-Weine Quality first .... made with love, drink with love! Our family has always been refining the quality of our wines and has been making the best wine from each vintage for more than 50 years. News: Our Formula 12 was recently awarded with gold for the best varietal “Blauer Zweigelt” by the state government.

Burda-Weine Our winery is located in Burgenland midst of the largest wine region in Austria. The mild Pannonian climate of Lake Neusiedl gives us a domain for the world´s best red, white and sweet wines.

Burda-Weine By hand-picking, we harvest only healthy, ripe grapes, which are presorted, without leaves and rotten berries in the best condition to arrive in our cellar for further processing. The berries for white wine must not be damaged, they are harvested at lower temperatures by night or early morning to improve quality and are then transported in small crates to avoid damage. Then the sheller seperates the berries from the stalk. Therefore tannins and acids can´t get into the wine, which would give it an unpleasant aftertaste. Only flawless berries, that meet our requirements, are used to produce wine.

Burda-Weine The grapes for red wine are not pressed, but de-stemmed and crushed completely or only partially. During fermentation the skins, seeds and stalks remain in the retained must. There, the phenols and tannins detach themselves from the skins and color the wine progressively. In order that the color and tannin effect is sufficiently high, the must skins should be regularly mixed with the must. The skins result from the fact that the solid components of the slurry are pressed against the surface due to the arising carbon dioxide during fermentation. Mixing can be by pumping the must, which is located at the bottom of the fermentation tank, over the must skins. Optionally, the skins can also be submerged with rods or long spoons. In French the manual immersion is called “pigeage”.

The fermented juice is, depending on the variety, decanted in 225 liter, used Barrique barrels for further ripening and then stored in the Barrique cellar. The maturation period varies individually and is between 6 and 36 months. The bottling takes place with and without filtration (the type of wine varies). The finished bottles are stored after that between 6 to 24 months in our temperature-controlled storage bottles.

Burda-Weine For producing white wine, only well selected berries get into the press. The obtained juice is fermented in stainless steel tanks and after some time filtered on the lees and afterwards bottled as young wine.


Burda-Weine In our well-equipped laboratory, our laboratory manager Josef Fleischhacker is capable to conduct all the investigations quickly and competently using advanced analytical methods.

Free sulfurous acid, Total sulfurous acid, pH-value, Titratable acid, I-malic acid, Tartaric acid, Protein stability, Volatile acidity, Reducing sugar, Alcohol, Relative density, Iron stability.

Burda-Weine With a fully automated bottling line, we are able to fill up to 3700 bottles per hour. An automatic washer system and eco-friendly bottles sterilization by ozone guarantee absolute no yeast or bacteria.

Upon request, we also supply the complete bottle design with different bottle sizes, with cork, labeling and cartoning. We also make suggestions for blending and dosage of the wines to be filled.